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Pirozhki with Cherries

Pirozhki are a Russian-Ukrainian dish of dough with filling that is baked or fried.  There are many recipes for making dough for pirozhki and a variety of toppings as well. It can be meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms, cheese, jam, vegetable or fruit toppings. Savory pirozhki make great accompaniments to soups, borscht and stews, and sweet fillings...
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Cucumber-Tomato Salad

I look for easy ways to use fresh veggies during this laid-back time of year, so here is another simple recipe for when you have extra cucumbers and tomatoes. This is a light tasty salad from my childhood. Usually we use sunflower oil, but it can be replaced with olive or vegetable oil, or alternatively mix the vegetables with sour...
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Russian-Korean Carrot Salad

This dish is very popular in my country, it's a must for any holiday. The funny thing is that in Korea this salad doesn't exist, but it was made by Koreans who  immigrated to Russia in the 1860s. This is a marinated salad with fresh carrot as the main ingredient and seasoned with oil, vinegar, fresh garlic, coriander seeds, and...
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Spring Vegetable Salad

In Ukraine we made this salad often, as soon as vegetables and herbs appear in the garden or in the market, which meant that spring has come! Simple, tasty, fresh and healthy spring salad. Instead of sour cream, you can add olive oil or yogurt. Also you can add bell pepper and more herbs in a salad....
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Russian Sandwich with Herring

Excellent Russian sandwich with herring. This appetizer looks great on the table (but they won't last long, especially for men with vodka:)) You can make a canape by putting the herring onto a small piece of bread (in the store they sell rye bread in the form of squares). Instead of herring, you can substitute salted trout...
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Borscht, the traditional national Slavic dish in eastern and central Europe, like Blini, Pirozhki or Pelmeni. It is a thick vegetable soup with a deep red, burgundy color because of beets which is the main ingredient. Every nation has their own version of this dish,...
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