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Raspberry Cannoli

I made cannoli  from puff pastry, adding a sweet and sour stuffing of raspberries and mascarpone. I also made two sauces from sweet mango and sour strawberries, which are excellent additions to this dessert that simply melts in your mouth. Serve quickly. (more…)...
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This deep fried crispy waffle tube-shaped shell, with sweet cream cheese and chocolate inside is a traditional Sicilian dessert and very popular in Italian-American cuisine.  Usually containing ricotta cheese, but you can add mascarpone cheese or whipped cottage cheese to it as well. I thought about making cannoli for a long time and finely it happened! I ordered stainless steel cannoli forms...
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Risotto with Bacon and Peas

I love to cook risotto, every time with a different addition, like carrots, pumpkin, asparagus, mushrooms, etc. Very simple, but at the same time, lively, delicious rich and creamy dish. This time I made risotto with bacon and peas, a really great combination! The bacon can be replaced with pancetta. Be sure to serve with wine. (more…)...
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Ravioli with Spinach and Egg

Not  difficult, but tasty and original. You can experiment with different fillings, from cheese, mushrooms, vegetables or even sweet fruit and berries. In this version I used creamed cheese. Try to roll out the dough very thinly to give it a lighter taste....
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Creamy Garlic Capellini

Very simple and tasty recipe of rich and creamy garlic pasta with mushrooms. Easy homemade pasta that tastes like it came from a five star Italian restaurant! Add a grilled chicken breast and you'll have a full delicious dinner! Just don't forget the white wine ;)...
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Angel Hair Alfredo

Hello everyone! Its me, Nikita. Sorry I haven't posted in what is it... Oh, 5-6 months. Today it is getting cold here in Rochester, so I decided to make a very warm and hearty dish to be prepared during this cold winter; an angel hair Alfredo with tomatoes for a nice fresh taste, onions and garlic because they add a...
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