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Red Cabbage

Most Georgian recipes are spicy and flavorful and this recipe is a good example. It's an excellent appetizer to serve at dinner or on a holiday. Crunchy and slightly spicy cabbage pairs well with meat, potatoes or pasta. In the marinade you can add apple cider vinegar as well. If you love spicy food you can add an...
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This is the Georgian national dish made from bread and cheese. There are a lot of variations of khachapuri - Imeretian, Adjarian, Abkhazian, Ossetian etc. They can be of different shapes also either round, puffed, or the classic which is in the form of a boat where the dough is formed into an open boat shape and topped with...
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Chakhokhbili Chicken

Chakhokhbili-stew poultry, one of the most delicious and popular dishes of Georgian cuisine. Originally it was prepared from a pheasant, but now is made from any bird, usually chicken. It's a very tasty, flavorful dish, that does not use water, oil, or fat since tomatoes and onions give this naturally to the dish. I like to add a little...
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