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Satsebeli Sauce (Pamidvris Satsebeli)

Satsebeli (Satsibeli) is a Georgian sauce, which literally means "sauce", and is made from pureed tart fruit or fruit juices. There are many recipes of Georgian sauce satsebeli and each of them has its own characteristics and ingredients. This Georgian sauce can be from tkemali ( unripe mirabelles or very sour plums), tomatoes, unripe grapes, cherries, pomegranate juice and walnuts. This...
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Sunflower Kozinaki

Another Slavic sweet and easy recipe from my childhood that can be prepared quickly from sunflower seeds or nuts. Kozinaki (Gozinaki) are Georgian and Armenian sweets with walnuts and honey, traditionally prepared for the New Year and Christmas. Instead of walnuts they can be made from hazelnuts, sunflower seeds or sesame seeds. It's definitely kid's favorite!...
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Khinkali are Georgian dumplings, but also popular in Armenian and Azerbaijani cuisine. Eating Khinkali is an art - using only your hands, hold the handle with the your fingers, then biting the pocket. You aren't supposed to use a knife or fork, since it will release all the broth. This is what differentiates it from Read more

Marinated Pork Kebab in Pomegranate Juice

This is a very traditional Georgian/Armenian recipe for pork kebab (shashlik). For our pork kebab-shashlik, I use the shoulder, it has more fat than tenderloin which to some people sounds bad but it makes the meat less tough and adds a lot of flavor. The fat also helps the meat from drying out while grilling. I usually cut the...
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Satsivi Chicken

Satsivi is a Georgian sauce which this dish is cooked in. Usually satsivi is cooked with chicken, but you can replace it with turkey, goose, duck, meat and even fish. The principal and mandatory ingredients in this sauce are walnuts, cilantro, garlic. Wine vinegar can be replaced by lemon juice or pomegranate. To thicken the sauce normally use flour or...
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