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Some simple dishes for celebrating Christmas

This year Christmas is different for us, we are celebrating in Mexico, it’s sunny and warm, love it! And we decide to make some simple dishes from some different countries. So here are some photos of pork shashlik with homemade sauce (our favorite sauce for shashlik), Rajas con Pollo, Russian potato salad (Olivie)...
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Marinated Pork Kebab in Pomegranate Juice

This is a very traditional Georgian/Armenian recipe for pork kebab (shashlik). For our pork kebab-shashlik, I use the shoulder, it has more fat than tenderloin which to some people sounds bad but it makes the meat less tough and adds a lot of flavor. The fat also helps the meat from drying out while grilling. I usually cut the...
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Grill time!

After a long, cold and snowy winter I eagerly look forward to a warm and sunny spring ad especially, grilling. This year I started with one of my favorites – pork shish kebab or how we call it in Ukraine – shashlik. It was so delicious and already begin reminding me about summer! Today we decided to cook smoked steelhead trout with a dry rub, lemon...
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