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Coconut-Orange Cake with Cream Cheese

A very festive and delicious cake, which turns out tender with a nice coconut taste and it is easy to prepare. A great idea for Christmas and/or New Year! You can decorate with chopped nuts the cake or add them to the cream. Also for decoration you can use: coconut flakes, rosemary twigs, cranberries or other berries, orange slices, chocolate, etc....
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Orange Madeleine

My family love madeleines and I bake them a lot many different flavors since its easy and versatile. These madeleines flavored with orange and rosemary will be a perfect Christmas gift, I gave these to friends and family with a small jar of Jalapeno jam, Strawberry Jam or Basil jam. If you want a gluten free version, replace the...
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Banana Bread with Pecans and Orange Zest

Hello! Its me, Nikita, with another great homemade recipe: Banana Bread. But while regular banana bread is great, it’s still missing something. Nuts go great with bananas, and who says we need just bananas? Thats why I added Pecans and Orange zest to this great classic. This follows the same recipe with any regular old banana bread recipe, except...
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