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Rosemary cookies

Very simple and original, tasty crumbly biscuit cookies flavored with rosemary and chunks of salt. Use only larger sea salt, along with sugar and honey, they give an original touch for the cookies. I like to make these cookies for Christmas and give it to my friends and family with a jar of ‘Basil jam’ or ‘Jalapeno jam’....
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Madeleine Cookies with Lavender

Another option for Madeleine cookies, this time with lavender flowers. Usually I don’t make large portions of these cookies but if you have left overs, just warm them up in a microwave the next day. Or just cook half and cover the rest of the dough and leave in the refrigerator until the next day....
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This deep fried crispy waffle tube-shaped shell, with sweet cream cheese and chocolate inside is a traditional Sicilian dessert and very popular in Italian-American cuisine.  Usually containing ricotta cheese, but you can add mascarpone cheese or whipped cottage cheese to it as well. I thought about making cannoli for a long time and finely it happened! I ordered stainless steel cannoli...
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