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Asparagus wrapped in bacon

You can add dried spices and herbs such as basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, etc. The finished dish can be sprinkled with cheese like parmesan or asiago, maybe even cotija. They can be cooked on the grill as well as in a frying pan or oven....
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Orzo with Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes and Mozzarella

A great fresh and light dish perfect for spring or summer. Orzo, although a pasta, is not as heavy and really good for a salad. Mozzarella, asparagus and tomato with basil are ideal combination of ingredients. This is a perfect dish to bring to a picnic or potluck because it’s great at room temperature. Simple and delicious!...
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Asparagus with lime and herbs

Light, delicious and flavorful spring dish. I use olive oil infused with herbs, it gives the dish a nice flavor and aroma. Lime can be substituted for the lemon, and instead of cooking in the oven you can fry in a pan for about 3-5 minutes....
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Asparagus with Onion and Soy Sauce

Spring is asparagus season. This is one of the earliest vegetables which ripens in April and May. Asparagus is very unique since it make a great combination with almost any product from cheese, ham, fruit, berries, fish, meat, and salads. You can make soups, beverages and even desserts from asparagus. The main thing when preparing asparagus: cut thick stems...
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